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Laurie Lundberg is the president and founder of Bridge of Love. She studied Child Development at Brigham Young University, and has spent much of her life in loving, nurturing and guiding children. She has seven children, twenty-eight grandchildren, and numerous Romanian children who have all given her great insight to life. She lived in Bucharest, Romania from 2008-2011 while her husband served as the LDS Mission President. Everyday she saw the tragedy of abandoned children who are left without hope.




Scott Lundberg

Scott received a B.A. in Economics from Brigham Young University in 1975 and a J.D. from the University of Chicago in 1978. He is now of counsel with Lundberg & Associates, a law firm he founded in 1991. He served as a mission president for his church over the Romania Bucharest Mission from 2008 to 2011. He has been active in coaching youth sports, Scouting and running.


Zach's connections with Romania began when he served in the Bucharest, Romania mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints from 2010-2012. While on his mission, he developed a deep love for the Romanian people. He also witnessed first-hand the economic, social, and emotional needs of many Romanians, including their orphans and foster children. Zach is a Commercial Interior Designer by trade. When he is not working on Utah's next big tech company's office design, you can find him enjoying the outdoors or on a plane to his latest travel destination.




Pauline is a graduate of Arizona State University with her bachelor’s degree. She received her Special Education endorsement from Utah State University. She has devoted her life to her husband and six children and serving in her church. She currently teaches in the Elementary setting as the special education teacher and loves her students. She loves the people of Romania and feels grateful to have had the opportunity to travel there the past two years and meet the wonderful people.


Caroline began her involvement with Romania when a sophomore at BYU. She spent two summers during college working in an orphanage and a children's hospital in Iasi. During her second summer there she became involved with Bridge of Love when she volunteered at the summer camp in Barlad. In December 2014 she became a Bridge of Love board member. Caroline loves being involved with Bridge of Love because it has a lasting effect on the abandoned children of Romania. It not only improves the lives of children, but it puts smiles on their faces and gives them a sense of community and family that they otherwise would not enjoy. She is currently a 7th grade English teacher.



Tiffani Shipley is a licensed clinical social worker who has been on the Bridge of Love board since its inception in 2000. She has traveled to Romania many times and works with the foundations social workers and psychologist. In 2001, she started the process of adopting an 11 month old baby girl, Liliana, but was unable to complete the adoption due to the closure of international adoptions in Romania in 2005.She currently works as a therapist for the Department of Child and Family Services. She works with families who are at risk of losing custody of their children and with families whose children are being returned home. As a youth, she loved the sport of figure skating and continues her professional relationship with the sport as a National Judge. She lives in Salt Lake City with her family and continues to have regular contact with Liliana.




Natalee is currently studying Public Health at UVU located in Orem, UT. She served an LDS mission in Romania from 2011-2012, which is where her connection with the Romanian people began. She has served in many leadership positions with in her church and community. She is also a Bridge of Love board member and deals specifically with race publicity. She has a great passion for this work and a great love or the Romanian people.


Maren Dalton graduated from Brigham Young University with a degree in Family and Consumer Sciences. She loves children and has been involved with the abandoned children of Romania since 1999. She and her husband, Kamron, are the parents of four children. Maren currently serves as president of Rodney Service Company. She loves cooking, music, sewing and teaches piano and sewing lessons to children. She just adopted a baby, making them a happy family of seven.



MATT Marks 

Matt served an LDS mission in the Moldovia-Romania mission. During much of his time, he served under Scott and Laurie Lundberg. He loves the Romanian people, and has seen the poverty there. He hopes to help reduce, and even eliminate, said poverty and sadness. His way of doing this, is to help Bridge of Love.


shondell hymas

Shondell was born and raised with in a wonderful family in Monticello, Utah. She met her husband, Chad Hymas, in High school and got married in 1995. She has four amazing children, her youngest having been adopted from Ethiopia. She currently lives on her ranch in Rush Valley, where they have raised their kids for the last twenty years. She has been involved with Bridge of Love since 2007 and has been an amazing help, and truly a blessing to the organization.


Information technology & web management:

Joshua Lundberg

Joshua was born in Romania, in April of 1999. When Scott and Laurie went to Tutova on their first humanitarian trip they saw Joshua, and a few years later, was adopted by Scott and Laurie Lundberg around the age of three. He has gone back many times, usually every year. When Scott and Laurie were called on an LDS mission to Romania, Joshua went as well. He loves the culture, understands the language fluently, and can speak some as well. 

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